Unlock the Full Potential of Your PDQ Machines For Bank Transfer Payments

Unlock the Full Potential of Your PDQ Machines For Bank Transfer Payments

QR PDQ is a new and exciting way to make bank transfer payments, collect reviews, share promotions and marketing opt-ins, easier than ever!

Collect Bank Transfer Payments And Make Processes Even Easier For Your Business!

By displaying our QR codes directly on PDQ terminals, businesses will be able to accept bank transfer payments and send their customers directly to their chosen URL on the customers phone, saving time and effort.

Trustist - The Best Companion to QR PDQ

With QR PDQ you get access to Trustist, to boost your sales through review collection!

Bank Transfer Payments And More

Use your PDQ machine to collect bank transfer payments, share marketing materials and collect reviews.

Timpson Group Case Study

See how one of Trustist's clients has increased their footfall using QR codes to boost their review collection efforts.

Collect Quick, Safe and Cheap Bank Transfer Payments

Collect Bank Transfer Payments with QR Codes

QR PQD displays a QR code on your PDQ machine to generate even easier processes for businesses and their customers. By displaying a QR code directly on the PDQ terminal, businesses can send their customers to a chosen URL on their phone, and with recent data showing that 83% of the UK population own smartphones, this creates endless opportunities to capture the customer at the point of sale.

Create New, Unique Options Within The User Journey For:

  • Open Banking Bank Transfer Payments
  • Review Collection
  • Primatial Vouchers
  • Marketing Opt-ins

Why QR Codes?

The Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere! They’re being used in marketing, payment at restaurants and cafes, and to provide information straight to peoples phones. There’s no question why QR codes are so popular and with our new cashless society, you don’t have to question why QR codes are skyrocketing in usage!

Why Should I Use QR Codes?

  • Trackable to monitor marketing efforts.
  • Modify your marketing campaigns without having to re-distribute the QR codes.
  • No manual work for the merchant, it’s all done on the customers side on their phones.
  • Apple and Android phones all have built in QR code scanners, so it requires no further effort from customers downloading apps.
  • 70% of card transactions are now contactless meaning customers already have their phones out at the checkout point.

Collect Bank Transfer Payments And More, Through QR PDQ!

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Start Collecting Bank Transfer Payments And Make Processes Easier, All From Your PDQ Machine!

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