10 Great Ways QR Codes Can be Used in Marketing

A Coffe cup with a QR code on the side sitting on a metal bench to show how qr codes are used in marketing

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog, ‘How will QR Codes be Used Post-COVID-19?’, QR Codes have experienced something of a renaissance over the last 18 – 24 months being, as they are, a rather elegant enabler of touchless commerce. Recently we’ve seen businesses using QR Codes for contactless communication with their customers, for example, menu access, bookings, payments and, always our primary interest, collecting online reviews.


But how can QR Codes be used in marketing?


In this blog, we’ll be focussing on how they can be used in many different ways within marketing campaigns and all due to them being more popular and commonly used than ever before. Whether you use QR Codes to catch people’s attention through innovative marketing, enhance customer experience, or increase sales, QR Codes could be your unique differentiator.


Why not consider adding a QR Code to;

  1. Your paper-based advertising: buying space in a magazine, newspaper or even your community circular can be expensive but if you use QR Codes it will minimise the amount of space you need to take because readers will scan your QR Code and that will provide them with all the information and contact details they need. This will also allow you to be incredibly creative and eye-catching with the printed ad you do place
  2. Billboards and other outdoor advertising including shop windows: instead of pushing potential customers to where you are why not meet them where they are? That’s the joy of outdoor advertising and utilising a QR Code as part of your campaign will take your campaign up to the next level!
  3. Online campaigns including website promotion and social media campaigns: again, the amount of space you need to buy is reduced as well as the amount of time you need to spend inputting content to various sites; all the data is contained within your QR Code! Remember also that by using dynamic QR Codes in placing your one and unique QR Code in marketing, the burden of creating multiple QR Codes lessen thereby saving you money and materials in generating your QR Codes for marketing
  4. Give your customers additional product/service information: Your QR Code can be used to give your customers a fabulous amount of additional information about your product/service including, for example, allergen warnings, recipes, tips and hints on ow to effectively use your product/service etcetera. In so doing you’ll develop a closer relationship with your customer through delivering additional, quality added value
  5. Help you become paperless: something we covered in detail in the aforementioned blog was how restaurants and bars have very successfully utilised QR Codes to ensure they’re paperless and avoid personal interactions in a COVID-19 world. Where one industry has gone others will be sure to follow!
  6. Your Customer Service Stickers: customer service stickers in the form of QR Codes can be a great marketing tool. They promote direct contact between customer and customer service representatives by providing an incredibly quick and easy way (just scan here) for customers to get in touch with any questions or issues they’re experiencing
  7. Your Digitised Business Card: by adding a QR Code to your business card you have the opportunity to share far more than your name and contact details. Or, you can go one step further and digitise your business card completely by using a QR Code to carry all the information you want to share!
  8. Help You Track Sales and Potential Market Locations: by using a QR Code in your marketing materials you can track what sales come from what piece of material. You can also incentivise customers to scan your QR Code at various locations to provide you with useful data on which market location to go for next!
  9. Ensure Your Customers can Pay with Ease: add a QR Code to your payment terminal making it quicker and easier than ever for your customers to pay.
  10. Help You Collect Online Reviews: your customer scans your QR Code and is quickly and efficiently taken to where you want them to leave an online review. They add their details, click ‘submit’ and boom! Another online review to help raise your profile online and attract more sales!

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